User ID
If you need to use a Signature Pad with this application, download and run the signature pad installer. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the correct signature pad support on your local machine.
If you need to run previous versions of VR BA other than the one you are currently running, you will need to do one of the following:

A. Use Mage Tool to Clean Local Cache:
  1.  Click on this link: mage tool and save the zip file to your local machine.Use  Remember where you have saved this file.
  2. Use an unzip tool to extract the mage.exe file from the downloaded file.
  3. Open up a command prompt and change directories to where you extracted the mage.exe file using the cd command.
  4. Type mage -cc into the command prompt and be sure the mage tool clears your local application cache.
B. Use MultiSiteRefresh Utility to Clean Local Cache:
  1.  Click on this link: Setup to install the utility to your local machine.  Note: you need to agree to the license agreement posted here.
  2. After closing all of Internet Explorer instances, double-click on the Netsmart Multi-Site VR Refresh icon on your desktop.
If After you have done either of above successfully, you can now open up your browser and navigate to the new url that has the different version of VR BA and login. If you need to run the previous version of VR BA, repeat this process.